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The field of development of China's hardware standard parts and began to grow
Recent years, China's hardware field unconsciously grown up of standard parts, standard parts for the hardware industry and more complex product characteristics, in organizations, the China Hardware Products Association sub-standard parts industries to set up locks, tools , gas appliances, range hoods, lighters, shower room and other 10 products branch, established branch of the vertical links of industry associations, a hardware standard parts industry organization building the model is different from other associations.

In 1996, the hardware standard parts industry accounts for Daxin Town, 38% of GDP, associations and local government departments through guidance and evaluation, grant Daxin Town, "National Hardware standard parts," and the title, after the Association of the flow, grasp this opportunity to cultivate special industries area, to promote cluster development. In the past 10 years, the industry from business development to single cluster, the emergence of 33 pieces of specialized industry standard hardware area, has 33 associations have been awarded the title of regional characteristics of the region, which for the formation of industrial clusters, industrial chain extension , labor and employment, urban construction, and promote local economic development, are of great significance.

In this way, horizontal and vertical local industrial clusters Association branch, forming a criss-cross metal industry standard parts, mature network organization system, the formation of a lead industry to achieve the basis for management and service industries.

30 years of reform and opening up, China's machinery industry is developing rapidly, such as aerial work platforms, transport equipment and other machinery and equipment achievements quite. Meanwhile, the Chinese hardware standard parts industry attracted worldwide attention, I believe the standard pieces of hardware industry in China will continue to create new development miracle, China's hardware industry standard parts how to achieve self-improvement, to achieve scientific development, according to central planning to carry out independent innovation, contribute to expanding domestic demand, which is a long and arduous task that requires the industry and enterprises to work together.
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