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CE certification for a detailed description of the product
Recently, more customers to consult Bangmu CE certification benefits, here today, greatly accelerates the meaning and role of CE as a clarification:
First, the need for CE certification

CE certification for all countries in the European market to trade the product provides a unified technical specifications, simplifying trade procedures. Product of any country to enter the European Union, European Free Trade Area must be CE certification, CE marking on the product. Therefore, CE certification of products into the European Union and European Free Trade Area countries, the market permits. CE certification that the product has reached the required safety requirements of the EU Directive; is a commitment to business to consumer, increasing the level of consumer confidence in the products; CE marked products will reduce the risk of the market in Europe. These risks include:

● was detained in customs and investigation of the risk;

● investigation of the market risk oversight bodies;

● been peer risk charges for competitive purposes.

Second, the benefits of certification for CE

● EU laws, regulations and harmonization of standards not only quantity, but the content is very complex, designated agencies to help achieve the European Union is a not only save time, effort, and reduces the risk of the wise;

● access to designated agencies by the EU CE certificate, you can maximize access to consumer and market surveillance authorities of the trust;

● be effective in preventing irresponsible accusations from happening;

● in the face of litigation, the EU CE certificate by designated agencies, will become legally binding technical evidence;

● Once the punishment has been the EU countries, the certification body will be shared with business risk, thus reducing the risk of the enterprise.

Third, the procedures for CE certification

● the application by the enterprise;

● certification contract signed by both parties;

● enterprises to provide test samples and technical documentation;

● technical documentation for sample testing and assessment;

● Certificate of Compliance issued:

● Declaration of conformity issued by companies;

● products by the enterprises in the attached CE mark.

CE mark free movement of goods to create a single market is the cornerstone of the mechanisms to achieve free movement of goods is the CE mark, this mechanism is established between the EU countries to avoid creating new barriers to trade, mutual recognition and coordination on technical standards. The principles are as follows:

- Harmonization of the legal documents (ie the EU Directive) provides that the contents of the product is limited to the basic requirements for the product in order to facilitate free movement within the EU;

- EU harmonized standard includes the basic requirements;

- EU harmonized standards and other applicable standards is voluntary, the product may choose to apply the EU harmonized standards, you can also apply other technical specifications to meet the Directive's essential requirements;

- Coordination of products to meet the EU standard course to confirm the instruction to meet the basic requirements.

In order to make instruction in the basic requirements of the products provided more operational, a series of EU harmonization of standards drawn up, by the Member States responsible for coordinated with national standards. Harmonization of standards and the spirit of compliance with instructions to modify the discussion of mechanisms and standard mechanism also will be established.

Because the requirements of the Directive in all countries must abide by the mandatory requirements, these requirements should be recognized to prevent safety hazards or other hazards of the minimum program, different from the general trade in commercial technical requirements, and the objective requirements for standardization .

To make the single market principles to be implemented in practice, the EU further provides that the product meets the basic requirements of the Directive provides a reliable assessment methods that people commonly known as the CE certification:

- The introduction of the concept of modular product evaluation, product evaluation by the evaluation module procedures, evaluation procedures are assessed in accordance with qualified products use the CE mark;

- Introduction of a unified EU harmonized standard, quality management system standard (ENISO9000 series) and quality assurance standards for rating agencies (EN45000 series);

- In the EU level, between Member States to establish systems and assessment bodies recognized rating agencies than between the mechanism;

- In the original countries to their own array of product testing and certification mechanism for the establishment of mutual recognition;

- Simplify the member states, the quality of the field system between the industry structure (such as: measurement and calibration systems, testing laboratories, certification and testing organizations, recognized organizations) differences;

- The use of mutual recognition agreements, cooperation and other technical assistance projects to promote the member states, member states and countries outside the EU in international trade.

CE marking is intended to provide practice in a practical and flexible means of conformity assessment of products to meet the trend of global economic integration, the diversity of modern industrial production. To meet product development, production and circulation of the various stages (such as: design, proofing, production), product evaluation module is divided into technical documentation, the type testing, quality assurance, as well as in practice by the producer or third party to complete the assessment.

Products in the market and put into service before they must meet all applicable essential requirements of EU directives, select the appropriate product evaluation product evaluation program after passing the mark CE mark. All products are marked CE mark that has met all EU directives, Member States must take positive measures to ensure the free flow in the single market, unless there is clear evidence that the product does not meet the basic requirements in the applicable directives, or This product has not yet been provided by the existing Directive certain significant risk.
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